Real Estate Software Solutions

We provide full-cycle development and dedicated development teams to create custom solutions designed to make life easier for property owners, tenants, brokers, and agencies.

Bespoke Real Estate Solutions

Here at Tower Estate, we open new doors to controlling commercial and residential property. Our custom solutions include real estate management software, broker solutions, accounting, and mobile apps - all designed for more efficient management, selling or buying assets.

We blend the power of modern technology with our end-to-end development expertise and put together robust real estate solutions geared towards keeping pace with the fast‑moving real‑estate industry.

Custom Real Estate solutions 
built to amaze

CRM/ERP software

Staying well-organized and up-to-date while serving dozens of clients streamlines processes and enhances profitability. With hands-on expertise in building and deploying custom CRM and ERP solutions, we guide you through every stage, from building a first MVP to turning it into a leader in the real estate field.

Security control systems

Busy and crowded buildings put security at risk. Following security best practices, Tower Estate team helps integrate video surveillance, role-based access security, and key control systems, enabling 24/7 property protection.

Cloud-based solutions

With ever-growing demand for connectivity, cloud-based real estate software solutions are becoming the new norm for all real estate market participants. The Tower Estate team has a proven track record developing cloud-enabled solutions that put you in the limelight of the real estate market.

Made Things Real For Real Estate

Our tried-and-tested dedicated development teams provide bespoke real estate solutions with a “wow” look and feel.

✅ Web design

✅ Multi LS

✅ Custom mobile apps

✅ Powerful integrations

✅ AR and VR

✅ AI and Machine Learning

✅ IoT

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